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Document Management Solution (DMS) are used by companies of all sizes to effectively manage large repositories of data and documents. All scanned as well as digitally created documents, spreadsheets, images, etc. can be controlled from a central point and access, sharing & editing rights can be easily granted as needed. The software itself is arranged to mimic the look of your physical document storage infrastructure. This means that the hierarchical drill-down of your filing structure is entirely customizable and you can set it up according your existing structure. DMSs expedite the entire document handling & usage process flow of upload, indexation, archival, search & retrieval, sharing, editing and collaboration.

Core features of the Document Management Solution we offer :

  • Search: Find documents by keywords, properties, size and other metadata. Customizable metadata fields.
  • Upload: Drag & drop file uploads.
  • Version Control: Track changes made on documents. History of details such as changes made, date of change, edited by.
  • Digital Signatures: Insert digital certificates and enable digital signatures.
  • Document Logs: Monitor document view, edit and access logs.
  • Workflows: Define simple and multi-level workflows.
  • Access Control: Define access rights, download rights, edit rights. Role-based hierarchy can be defined in detail.
  • LDAP and DBMS integration.
  • OCR: Character recognition software integrated for scanned/unindexed documents.
  • Security: Access rights tightly controlled, avoid document leaks through central repository.
  • Collaboration: Share documents within defined user groups for collaborative working and editing. Changes made reflect for all stakeholders, avoiding the need to re-send documents every time changes are made.
  • Audit: Audit & compliance reports can be generated according to internal requirements and policies.

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