Screenshots & Video

We have nothing to hide. Here you have a little screenshots collection of the main OpenKM features.
The collection is ordered by three main concepts, collect data, collaborate between users and capitalize the contents. Discover what OpenKM can make for you.
Complex tasks are now solved with few steps. Make easy !

File upload.

Drag & drop: Files or documents from desktop.




Zone OCR

Digital Signature Client.

Content publishing with Wordpress.

File uploader.

Live editor.


Scanner Client.




IPhone and Android support (only some features).


Desktop Sync - Synchorize desktop folders.

Version control.

Document expiration.

Mail account: Import mails.

Personal documents per users.

Preview: documents.

Task manager.

HTML Editor.


Preview: Multimedia files.


Notes: On folders, documents and emails

Contextual menus.

Workflow: start.


Tag Cloud.

Trash per user.

Workflow: review.

Properties: On folders, documents and emails.

Lock/Unlock: On folders, documents and emails

Archive emails.


Users and roles setup.

Language: Multilanguage.

Folder style: Based in metadata values.

Search engine.

Joomla Explorer.

Security: granular access control list.

Configuration parameters.



Cryptography: Encrypted Document.

Log per activity Detail.

Administration: images and watermarks stamps.

Preview: Autocad files.

Preview: Dicom Files.




OpenMeetings: Conference Software.

Forum Editor.

Tab electronic signature verification.

Cryptography: Encrypt Document.


Google Docs: Import documents.

Images and watermarks stamps.

Log per document Detail.

Google Docs: Create documents.


Web AutoCad viewer

Customization: Create own module

Abby FlexiCapture: Integration with OCR engine

OMR: Optimacal Mark Recognition.

Advanced catalog with Zone OCR.

OpenKM SDK for .NET.

Integration with DigiFactIn.

Microsoft Office Addin

OpenMeetings Integration: Video Conferencing Software

Live edit: Edit files remotely.

Knowledge Base: Create a knowledge repository.

Document Expiration : automatic catalog operations.

Integration with Google Docs and Zoho: Edit from the browser.

Integration with Joomla: Browser and integrated search.

DICOM Preview: Preview medical images in DICOM format.

Integration with Dropbox: Export and import from Dropbox.

Desktop Sync: Automatic folders synchronization.

Task Manager.

Content publishing with Wordpress.

OpenKM Scanner: Scanner client.

Publish content with Joomla.

Search for similar documents.

Support for mobiles.

Smart Tasks: automatic cataloging.

Extended columns: Metadata Display

Mass Actions: Updating files simultaneously.


Crontab: Scheduling periodic tasks.


Bulk upload.

Digital Signature Client.

OpenKM and LibreOffice working together with CMIS.

Autotag: Automatic tagging of documents.

Custom User Interface: With OpenKM we can customize our own user interface.

Web Capture.

Relationships: feature that allow to relate objects, documents, folders.

Annotations on documents: this allows annotations on documents from the preview.

Download tokens without authentication: this option allows you to create a download link that does not require authentication.

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